June 27th, 2004

We took our first foray into the Wicklow mountains south of Dublin. We spent most of the day touring Powerscourt, one of Ireland's most elegant manors. And we only had to duck one cloudburst.

The M50 south of Dublin.
Visitors entrance to Powerscourt.
Suit of armor in Powerscourt.
What remains of the ornate plasterwork in Powerscourt.
Lion statue saved from the fire.
Another statue that survived the fire.
The estate after the 18th century expansion.
The 14th century castle.
Model of Powerscourt as it looked before the fire in 1974.
The staircase to the ballroom.
The ceiling of the ballroom
The whole ballroom
The gardens at Powerscourt, from the lounge.
Lounge overlooking the gardens.
Fireplace for a missing floor.
At the top of the gardens.
Path along the top of the gardens.
The back of Powerscourt.
The Palladian fascade of Powerscourt.
Side buildings.
Headed down toward the center of the gardens.
From the top of the tower.
Many species of trees from North America, including Sequoias, were planted here.
Sugerloaf mountain.
The oriental garden.
The dolphin pond (named for the statue).
Herbs in the walled gardens.
The Bamberg Gate, from a cathedral in Bavaria.
Rose garden along the back of the house.
Duck butts in Triton Lake.
Heading back.
The waterfall near Powerscourt.
The Pepperpot Tower (lawn ornament!).
The petrified sphagnum grotto.