October 14th, 2004

In and around Edinburgh.

The town of Linlithgow, outside Edinburgh.
The approach to Linlithgow Castle.
There has been a castle of a sort since the 12th century.
A very famous fountain that is being carefully restored and should be working when done.
View from the roof.
The Falkirk Wheel. Finished in 2000, it takes 15 minutes to get between 2 canals separated by a height of 35 meters.
The castle origins as seen today are from the early 15th century.
Classic boat on the canals near Falkirk.
It used to take all day to go through 11 locks to cover the same distance.
They give tourist rides on it as well, quite interesting.
Of course, the fog rolled in just as our gondola reached the top of the canal.
The back of hotel in Edinburgh.
There was a life size chess game.
There were some pieces missing, luckily we brought one of our own!
With view of Edinburgh Castle.
Edinburgh Castle