October 25th, 2004

Visiting the Bru na Boinne Interpretive Center: Newgrange and Knowth - neolithic sites.

The Knowth site.
The kerb stones. Knowth has highest number of neolithic kerb stones found at 1 site in Europe.
Other structures at Knowth.
View of Dowth from Knowth hill. Dowth is not open to the public as excavation is still in progress.
Views from Knowth - it has at a notably high elevation for the area.
More kerb stone around Knowth.
Believed to be the original entrance.
Other burials at Knowth.
Part of an old tunnel is open for you to crawl through.
Whew! She made it!!
The approach to the infamous Newgrange.
You are only able to go in a short ways. This a shot down from where we had to stop.
The massively reproduced entrance kerb stone at Newgrange.
Another structure at Newgrange.
One of the surrounding kerb stones at Newgrange.
The entrance to Newgrange. Tours are taken in, it is quite amazing. They do a simulation of winter solstice as this was believed to be the major event.
Matt and Erica also bore witness to aura of the ancients from within the mound.
Newgrange as we left.