November 14th, 2004

We spent most of this day at London Tower Castle - a large place. We did not join a tour. We got there early and went straight to see the Crown Jewels, then had plenty of time to see everything else before getting too tired.

A bit of Roman wall. There were bits of the wall marked off in quite a few spots.
The Tower Bridge on our way to London Tower.
White Tower, the original keep.
The Waterloo Barracks, where the Crown Jewels are housed.
The Fusilier's Museum.
View of Wakefield Tower and southern wall.
Upper Chamber of Wakefield Tower, built for Henry III, 1220. A copy of the Coronation Chair.
Another view of White tower.
The wall.
Where the ravens are kept.
The Queen's House, in the south-east wall.
One of the ravens.
London Tower from outside the east entrance.
As we depart London Tower.