February 24th, 2005

Climbed the bell tower and went to Pisa.

Florence street, near center and Duomo.
The Duomo
The Campanile (Bell Tower) of the Duomo. Its construction began in 1334.
The bronze doors of the Baptistry.
The Great Dome.
Views from the top of the Bell Tower - 414 steps up!
It began snowing while we were on top.
The streets of Firenze.
Leaving Florence towards Pisa.
The hills of the Tuscan countryside.
Heading into the Campo dei Miracoli in Pisa.
The Pisa Cathedral.
with the leaning Tower of Pisa - Torren Pendente
Inside the Cathedral of Pisa. Construction began in 1064.
The tile floor in the Cathedral.
The pulpit inside in the Cathedral.
The Baptistry of the Cathedral.
The Cathedral bronze doors.
Another area of the old tile floor.
Lori and Erica w/ Boston Cure T-shirts in front of the Leaning Tower.
Matt & Erica at the base of the Leaning Tower.
In the square.
Behind the Square in Pisa.
The entrance gate to the Campo dei Miracoli.