October 4th, 2005

Our 80 acres in Ash Fork.

Leaving the paved road on Fire Road 142.
Rolling terrain.
Who needs a bridge? (Don't say "cement trucks".)
Unusually high water after a wet summer.
Still in Kaibab National Forest.
Who needs a bridge...
...when the culvert is as big as your car?
Russell was a big hero when he found this spring.
An old wagon trail ran through here.
From the national forest to Arizona State Bureau of Land Management lands.
Our 80 acres start just to the right, along the national forest.
Time to take these signs down.
Granny's Road took us to the northwest marker.
Our valley.
Our valley merging with the stream at the edge of the national forest.
Headed to the top of the ridge on the south 40.
Lori picks her way through the chaparral.
Plenty of scrub juniper.
Plenty of rattlesnakes.
On the way out. Several trains use these tracks every day.