March 17th, 2007

Hit the sites around Florence, Oregon.

Heceta House, where the lighthouse keepers once lived.
The cove at the mouth of Cape Creek.
Heceta Head Lighthouse.
The fog rolling in at Heceta Head.
The coast - almost looks like Ireland!
Sea lions on the rock near center.
Mom & Erica at Sea Lion Caves.
Loads of sea lions around.
Inside the viewing area of Sea Lion Caves. The only mainland rookery of Stellar sea lions.
This is the world's largest sea cave.
The cave and surrounding area averages about 200 animals.
View from from one end of the sea cave.
Rough coast near the sea lion caves.
Last years crop of carnivorous Darlingtonia californica.
Oregon Coast Sand Dunes
Giant slugs abound.
Pawn Old Growth Trail, giant Douglas fir and hemlock.
This one was about 5 ft 5 in diameter and the trail cut thru.
Interesting old growth.
A heart?
Another pretty big one.